India a dream destination….

India is one of the beautiful holiday paradise of the world which has precious vacation spot. India has a marvellous beauty which attracts tourists from every corner of the world.India is the land of beautiful monuments, beaches and wildlife.

Yoga, Ayurveda and Natural health resorts also attracts tourists. There are very beautiful places to visit in India.India is famous forr snow covered mountains, desrets and beaches . India is one of the best tourist attraction place. Every year many of the nature, culture, history and adventurelover visit India.

India is famous for its forts and palaces.There are many popular historical attractions to visit. India is also famous for mountains covered with snow, sightseeing attractions. There are many beautiful temples to visit and many new places to discover in India.

So visit India for beautiful beaches, temples and monuments and explore India to know the best places about it.

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 Life is all about journey


It tells us how to live

Explore, enjoy and 

To do whatever we want 

Life is very beautiful gift

And is full of  mystery 

It tells how to live every part 

Life is full of adventures


Life also tells 

Not to lose hope

Because a life always

Gives us a second chance 

to live

Life is also full of story

And makes a person strong

It is full of pain and sorrow 

But always life makes us

Rough ,tough and strong.

The most important thing 

Is to live our life happily 

And we should live our life


And our life is full of 

Struggle ,promises.

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School Days

School days were the best

I know,

It will never come again

having fun

cracking jokes with friends

giggling around

I know ,

It will never come again

Bunking the classes

Chilling with friends

I know,

It will never come again

school days will never come again.

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The Blogger Recognition Award..

I would first like to thank Vaishnavi for nominating me for this award. Please do read her blogs she writes very amazing.

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
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1) Thanked the blogger

2) Post written

3) Story of how I started my blog

I started writing blog 2 years ago, After creating this blog I wrote my first blog and after writing my first blog I did not write for few months then after 4 months then I started writing blogs.

4) Advice for new writers

Keep writing and never give up

5) I would like to nominate








Edmark M Law





siddhartha dua

rekha sahay


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Yipeee!! Completed 500 followers on wordpress. I am so happy .

International Day of Yoga….

Yoga is a physical, mental or spiritual practice which was originated in ancient India. Yoga is the disciplined method for attaining a goal. Yoga helps you to stay calm and makes your body healthy and fit.

Yoga is known for its amazing health benefits. Practicing yoga is one of the best way to grow into a better human being with sharp mind, good heart and relaxed soul.

International Day of Yoga or Yoga Day is officially celebrated on 21st June every year since 2015.International Yoga Day was suggested by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 27 September 2014.

On International Yoga Day everyone from various country do yoga on this day .

Yoga helps you to keep calm and stay fit. So every yoga day do yoga to stay healthy and fit and to keep you mind and body calm and healthy.

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Festivals of India….

India is famous for lot of things around the world. India is famous for yoga, its cultures, travel destinations and for festivals. India is a country which celebrate its festivals with full of passion and joy. Festivals are often serve to fulfill the specific purpose of thanksgiving. In India numerous numbers of festivals are […]

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World Environment Day…..

Environment is that which is around us. In this environment there are different interactions between animals,soil, water and living and non living things.

Today is World Environment Day. In order to raise awareness regarding protecting the environment every year June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day.

First World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5 1974.

Environment is one of the important and precious treasure to all the living beings on this planet. World Environment Day is a campaign to make a positive changes to make our life better and natural.

2018 slogan for World Environment Day is Beat Plastic Pollution. This World Environment Day say no to plastic bags so that our environment can be saved for future .

Because of pollution and global warming we should promote eco-friendly development in order to save our beautiful environment. So this environment day everyone should take a pledge to save the environment and we should take care of it.

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Chocolates have become one of the most popular food in the world and from chocolates many desserts have been created like cakes, pudding, chocolate brownies and cookies.

Chocolate is typically sweet, usually brown colour food prepared from Theobroma seeds. Chocolates are used in many things like in hot or cold beverages. Chocolates are also used as gifts also and also comes in many shapes.

There are many types of chocolates like milk, white, dark, unsweetend. Chocolate has become a popular product that everyone loves to enjoy it.

Chocolates have many benefits like chocolates help to reduce the cholesterol level, chocolate helps to lower blood pressure. Chocolate can improve the mood especially in stressful situation.

By the consumption of chocolates it can improve cardiovascular health. Chocolates can also help to maintain glowing and healthy skin. Chocolate is also good for circulation.

Chocolate is good for everyone and also loved by Many of the people.

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Benefits of walking…..

Walking is one of the best theraphy for everyone. Walking helps to prevent many diseases. Walking combined with good sleep and a healthy diet can help to prevent dieseases. A walk of 15 to 30 minutes can improve not only a person’s overall apperance but health as well.

Walking significantly benefit whole body as well as mind. Walking also improves mental health.Walking also helps to improve eyesight and also prevent heart related diseases. Walking improves digestion and have muscle tone. Walking also helps in weight loss. Walking can reduce the risk of fractures.



Walking can also fet relief from back pains and can lower the blood pressure.Waalking also reduces stress, improves memory, increase creativity and also builds social support. Walking is one of the best therapy.

Walking is one of the best remedy to everyone to prevent from diseases.

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Happy Mother’s Day…

Mom god’s best gift in this world to a child. Mom is one who loves you, cares for you, who is always there for you and is one who never leaves you in any situation. Mom always supports you, always takes care of all your needs.

Mother’s Day is celebrated for honoring the mother of the family.Mother’s day is celebrated all over the world on various days mainly on the month of March and May. In India mother’s day is celebrated on every year on the second sunday of May. Mother’s Day is usually celebrated to show love and appreciation to your moms.



Usually every day is mother’s day, no day is without mother. She is the one who makes your lives comfortable and loves you a lot. Moms are the one who loves you a lot despite how much you are grown up.

Love you my mom . You are always there for me…..

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