Life is all about journey


It tells us how to live

Explore, enjoy and 

To do whatever we want 

Life is very beautiful gift

And is full of  mystery 

It tells how to live every part 

Life is full of adventures


Life also tells 

Not to lose hope

Because a life always

Gives us a second chance 

to live

Life is also full of story

And makes a person strong

It is full of pain and sorrow 

But always life makes us

Rough ,tough and strong.

The most important thing 

Is to live our life happily 

And we should live our life


And our life is full of 

Struggle ,promises.

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School Days

School days were the best

I know,

It will never come again

having fun

cracking jokes with friends

giggling around

I know ,

It will never come again

Bunking the classes

Chilling with friends

I know,

It will never come again

school days will never come again.

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Tourist attraction: Haridwar, Dehradun and Mussoorie

India is one of the best tourist place and known for it’s heritage, culture, tradition, medical,business, sports, historical monuments and religious places in which Haridwar is one of the pilgrimage place of India.

So I also thought of visiting the holiest place Haridwar. On 13th August by 6 am I left for Haridwar and by 5 pm I reached Haridwar and visit the holy river Ganga. The very next day I went to Rishikesh and visit Laxman Jhula and then after that we went to Neelkanth to worship Lord Shiva.

The very next day I left for Dehradun, while travelling to Dehradun the sight view of the mountains were very beautiful. In Dehradun we went to Robbers cave and Sahasradhara, these two waterfalls were very beautiful and amazing.

Then the next day we left for Mussoorie. As we all know that Mussoorie is also known as Queen of the hills and after reaching there we went to Kempty falls and after enjoying we went to Lal Tibba to see the beautiful sight of The Himalaya, the sight was very beautiful.

The next day we left from Mussoorie by 6am and by 5:30 pm we reached our home.

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Liebster Award

I am so happy that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. I have been nominated by Ayushi. Thank you Ayushi for nominating me for this award.

Rules for the Liebster Award is-

1 Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you

2 Answer 11 questions

3 Nominate 11 bloggers

4 Ask 11 questions

My nominations for the Liebster Award are-

1 iamshivang

2 mytanya123

3 simplyshabz

4 chasewritesblog

5 neetikaalways

6 tinahomeblog

7 priyawritesweb

8 cr7ashwani

9 mediaami

10 beingahriya

11 marvellousmansi

Answer to Ayushi questions are

1 What are your current favourite beauty products?

– Well to be very true I don’t use beauty products at all so I don’t have any favourite beauty product

2 What is your favourite childhood memory?

– There are many childhood memory so saying my favourite childhood memory is little difficult.

3 Do you remember any occasion/ event in life where your make is disastrous?

– Well I haven’t done anything like that.

4 How do you spend your leisure time?

– I spend my leisure time by watching television and reading books

5 What made you think to create a blog?

– Well being a journalism student writing and expressing your views is much important so that’s why I thought of creating a blog.

6 What are your goals for your blog?

– Well I have no future goals for my blog

7 What is your favourite social app?

– My favourite social app is what’s app

8 What is your favourite dream destination to spend your vacations?

– Thailand

9 If you ever find Alladin’s lamp what are your three wishes?

– I think I would never ask for any wish

10 What makes you happy a lot?

– Being with my family makes me happy a lot

11 What is your current wishlist of make-up products?

– I have no wishlist of make up products

Questions for the nominees are-

1 Your favourite destination

2 why do you think of creating a blog ?

3 Your favourite Blog post

4 What are your plans for your blogs?

5 Your favourite social app?

6 Who is your Idol?

7 Who is your celebrity inspiration who inspired you a lot?

8 Any inspiration for your career

9 Your childhood memories

10 How do you spend your free time?

11 Any event that you can’t forget till now?

All the best to the nominees

The unique blogger award

I have been nominated for ” The Unique Blogger Award” and I would like to thank Kajal Dhamjia for nominating me for this blog.

Rules for the unique blogger award are

1 Share the link the blogger who has shown love by nominating

2 Answer the given questions

3 Nominate 15 peoples and notify them and ask three questions

The questions for the nominees are-

1 The person whom you like to become

2 Your favourite Blog post and do share the link

3 Write the other’s Blog post that you liked the most.

The nominees for the unique blogger award are-

1 iamshivang

2 yupankur

3 Sammy

4 tinahomeblog

5 chasewritesblog

6 neetikaalways

7 creativeriya

8 mytanya123

9 simplyshabz

10 mediaami

11 beingshriya

12 kajal Dhamjia

13 marvellousmansi

14 priyawritesweb

15 msd7aditya

And at last thanks Kajal Dhamjia for nominating me for the unique blogger award.

Watch “3 songs on one chord|medley| ft |Raaja Verma Sir|” on YouTube

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Friendship day….

Friendship day is the day for celebrating friendship. Friendship is the strong bonding between two or more friends. The first friendship day was celebrated in Paraguay and International friendship day was proposed in 1958.

Friendship day is celebrated all over the world. In India friends acknowledge each other with exchange of gifts and cards on this day. In India friends bring friendship bands for their friends.

I think the people who have friends are very lucky person in this world.

Happy friendship day.

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Happy friendship day

Follow my quotes on your quote….

Follow my quotes on your quote….

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