India a dream destination….

India is one of the beautiful holiday paradise of the world which has precious vacation spot. India has a marvellous beauty which attracts tourists from every corner of the world.India is the land of beautiful monuments, beaches and wildlife.

Yoga, Ayurveda and Natural health resorts also attracts tourists. There are very beautiful places to visit in India.India is famous forr snow covered mountains, desrets and beaches . India is one of the best tourist attraction place. Every year many of the nature, culture, history and adventurelover visit India.

India is famous for its forts and palaces.There are many popular historical attractions to visit. India is also famous for mountains covered with snow, sightseeing attractions. There are many beautiful temples to visit and many new places to discover in India.

So visit India for beautiful beaches, temples and monuments and explore India to know the best places about it.

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 Life is all about journey


It tells us how to live

Explore, enjoy and 

To do whatever we want 

Life is very beautiful gift

And is full of  mystery 

It tells how to live every part 

Life is full of adventures


Life also tells 

Not to lose hope

Because a life always

Gives us a second chance 

to live

Life is also full of story

And makes a person strong

It is full of pain and sorrow 

But always life makes us

Rough ,tough and strong.

The most important thing 

Is to live our life happily 

And we should live our life


And our life is full of 

Struggle ,promises.

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School Days

School days were the best

I know,

It will never come again

having fun

cracking jokes with friends

giggling around

I know ,

It will never come again

Bunking the classes

Chilling with friends

I know,

It will never come again

school days will never come again.

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Aryan Khan drug case

Friday, November 12, 2021

King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has been in news for the drug case in Mumbai cruise ship. Aryan Khan got arrested on 3rd October for the drug which was raided by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). In Aryan Khan’s case there has been several court hearings and he was 26 long days in the custody, but later the Bombay High Court grant him bail on 28th October 2021. He walked out of jail on 30th October on his father’s birthday.

The case started when Aryan Khan left home on 2nd October in Bandra to attend the party on cruise which was organized by a Delhi based event company. On receiving tip a team of NCB Mumbai unit boarded on ship as passengers. When the team boarded the ship they started searching for drugs. On same night the team found various illegal drugs such as Cocaine, charas, and MDMA from the ship and detained 7 to 8 people including Aryan Khan.

NCB arrested Aryan Khan on 3rd October at 2 pm a day after the raid. Along with Aryan Khan two others were arrested who were Munmun Dhamecha and Aryan’s friend Arbaaz Merchant. According to the arrest memo, Aryan Khan was placed under arrest for the “Involvement in consumption, sale and purchase” of contraband.

Aryan Khan was charged under four sections of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotrophic Substances (NDPS) Act. The charges include:

  • Section 8 (c)
  • Section 20 (b)
  • Section 27
  • Section 35

In Aryan Khan’s case the major arguments in favour of bail were put as:

  • No Drugs were recovered
  • The whats app chats are not connected to the current case
  • If it is true, then allegations pertain to ‘small quantity’ and ‘Consumption’ only
  • No criminal antecedents
  • No likelihood of fleeing

While NCB also put arguments against Aryan Khan that his friend was involved in taking and consuming drugs and there were whatsapp chats available. Now Aryan Khan is on bail but he is not allowed to leave the country without permission and has to inform the investigating officer.

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Healthy eating during times of stress…..

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous. Stress is a normal human reaction that happens to everyone.

During the time of stress most of the people eat a lot of unhealthy or junk foods like chips, cookies, cakes,candy, cokes and consume other high sugar and low fiber foods. These kind of unhealthy and junk foods can affect our body alot. By consuming unhealthy and junk food it can cause many kinds of diseases like heart disease, asthma, diabetes and even increases the risk of obesity and depression.

During the times of stress people should encourage themselves to eat healthy and nutritious food like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat diary which will help you to fight with many diseases and will increase your immunity as well.

While consuming all these healthy food or a healthy diet people will be encourage to avoid unhealthy food or the junk food like chips, cookies or cakes.So during or while you are in stress stop consuming unhealthy food which can affect your health and start having a healthy and nutritious diet.

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Fake news and how to check it….

Fake News refers to the misinformation or disinformation in the country  which is spread through digital forms of communication such as edited videos, memes, unverified advertisements and social media propagated rumours. The main aim of fake news is to damage the reputation of a person or an entity . Fake news or misinformation  can be transferred through any kind of media but mostly its reached through any kind of social media to affect the person . Fake news which is spread through the social media in the country has become the serious problem. Fake news or the fake news are presented as it’s factually accurate.

To spread the fake news can be someone’s propaganda, rumor, Misleadings , Misinformation, Manipulation which helps the audience, people or the country to identify and avoid the instances of fake news. There are three types of problems which are ‘Mis- information’, ‘ Dis- information’, and ‘ Mal- information’. Mis information is the false information which does not harm someone, Dis information is created by people to harm someone and Mal information is to share the exact or the genuine information with the intention to harm someone.

When you receive any kind of news through your social media platforms you should first check it from the official websites or from the news channels whether that news is correct or not. When you recieve any news it can be a false news or the news which hasn’t taken place can affect you alot. So before forwarding that news to anyone else please check that news is correct or not then you should forward it.

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Freedom of Speech and Expression on Social Media: Understanding Need for Regulations on E content…..

Social Media is that media which includes internet and mobile phone  through which we can share and discuss any kind of information with anyone . Social media is that media platform which includes the platform to communicate through word, pictures, films, and music. Social Media is  a platform where we can connect to various people around us and can express our thoughts, feelings and opinions to them and can exchange the content with each other. Social Media is divided into many broad categories which are as follows: Social Networking Blogs , Micro Blogs, Vlogs and Video Sharing Sites, Wikis, Social Bookmarking , Social News, Media Sharing.

Freedom of Speech and Expression is means that every person has the right to freely express themselves and they can freely say anything through any kind of media and express anything without any kind of interference, such as censorship, and without fear of reprisal, such as threats and persecutions.

Freedom of Speech means freedom to speak about anything and anyone and to tell their opinions and ideas without fear and can say anything they want to say. The term Freedom of Expression means the right to express your thoughts or opinions what you want and how you want without getting fear from the law or the government Everyone has the right to Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech and Expression can be used in any form or any kind like writing or through social media platforms.

Social Media is a platform where people spend his or her most of the time and people receive most of the news and information from social media platforms only. Social Media is a platform where a person can express his or her opinion or thoughts, and which is a fundamental right of every citizen living in India. The Internet and Social Media has become a vital and important communication tools for sharing information. Through Internet and Social Media individual can exercise their right to freedom of expression and exchange information and ideas. Nowadays Social media has now changed everything and speeded up the rate of awareness in people. Through Social Media people gets to know what is going around them.

 With the help of Social Media people have the right to freedom of speech and expression which means they can express their feelings , thoughts and opinions  freely and can say anything they want to say on any Social Media platform . However, Freedom of Speech and Expression does not give the right to the citizens the right to speak or publish anything and everything  without responsibility .

E-Content or Electronic Content which is also known as Digital Content refers to the content or information delivered over network based electronic devices or that is made available using computer network such as Internet. E-Content is the digital text designed to display on web pages.  Nowadays E-Content is becoming very popular among people these days because anyone can read it at any  time and at any place. E-Content includes all kinds of information or content which is delivered through various electronic media.

On Social Media people share various and different kinds of contents which are good and which are bad and which is not suitable for the children . Some people really misuse Social Media and share the content on Social Media like death threats, rape threats or any kind of rumours against any incident took place around us is very harmful and is not appropriate for the society and the strict actions should be taken against that person for posting such kind of content on social media.

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Yoga: Your best to master modern lifestyle….

As we all know that health is wealth and to keep our body and mind healthy yoga is one of the best way to keep our body and mind calm and stress free. Yoga is the best method to keep your body and mind free from any diseases. Yoga is becoming very popular nowadays and many people are now practicing yoga these days.

Yoga helps to keep yourself healthy and active and also helps to reduce a lot of pressure from our life and by practicing yoga one can get rid of his/her problems.

Yoga helps us to meditate and relax and also is a good platform to release our worries and stress. It also improves our mental ability and intelligence level. By help of yoga we can learn how to develop self discipline.

By doing yoga it makes our body flexible and also improve our digestive system as well. Yoga is that kind of exercise which can be performed by everyone whether that person is young, a teenager or old. Yoga helps you to relieve stress, pain and make you tension free and helps you to stay focused.

By doing yoga it keeps us healthy and helps to reduce inflammation and reduce any kind of heart disease. It helps you to fight with depression, anxiety, tension and stress. It also reduce any kind of chronic pains, helps in improvement of breathing and increase the quality of sleep. Yoga also helps in weight loss as well as increase your energy and also helps in proper blood circulation.

Everyone should do yoga with their empty stomach and early in the morning and should do at least half or one hour to stay healthy, fit and active.

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School uniforms are good……

Today debates still continue about whether students should wear uniforms in schools or not. But when you ask most of the schools across the world it comes that they agree that uniforms should be there for every student.

By having uniforms in schools students have a sense of equality and uniforms helps a student easier to get ready for school on time.

By having school uniforms in schools there will be a sense of unity and there will be less competition among children. It helps students to save time in choosing what to wear daily in the morning and also stops the issue of bullying.

Uniforms also encourage discipline. By having school uniforms in schools it helps students to resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes and also it helps to improve the attendance.

By having the uniform in schools it helps the student also to focus a lot and that is why every school should have uniforms for students.

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